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7 Pointed Star Pendant, 960 Sterling Silver

7 Pointed Star

Pendant, 960 Sterling Silver

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One of a kind, handmade 7-pointed black star necklace. Solid 960 Sterling Silver. Cold-enamel champleve. Hand-painted and resin. LOS patina, 21" length. Design on back. Sterling beveled cable chain. Toggle clasp. This is one of my hand-made metal clay statement pieces. Inspired by fairy tales, fantasy and mysticism, these original works of art are made using my own proprietary variation of the classic enamel technique, Champleve. Taking up to 3 weeks or more to complete, each piece is individually designed, metal formed in a custom mold, and painstakingly polished, hand-painted and sealed. The resin is ground flush and repolished.

1.54" x 1.54" x 0.12"
39mm x 39mm x 3mm